We are so much more than just an electronic design house!

Many people know Arrow Technical as just an Electronic Design company, being a designer of advanced new electronic products, but we are so much more than simply that. As well as designing new products we also manufacture them in-house and all under one roof. And, it doesn’t stop there.  Many times we are required to design products which interface by wire or wirelessly to other systems located either locally or remotely.  We are regularly asked to develop and supply the entire system at both ends so it’s a single point of contact to get the whole job specified and done.

In this respect, we do PC and mobile phone apps.  We also design and supply advanced PLC based control panels (and simple ones) and write advanced industrial control and monitoring software to run on them, e.g.

  • Connection to SCADA – no problem
  • Connection to remote servers and platforms – no problem
  • IoT based products and Cloud services to interface to them – no problem.
  • Battery power – no problem
  • High power, even very high power – no problem

Go to our service page and see the full range of services we provide to our clients.  You might be surprised with the range of services we can offer.

We have had over 20 years developing class leading solutions for industry, science, medicine, military and the home.  We have a huge library of functions and features we can put together to define a new product for a specific market, quickly, reliably and very cost effectively.  If its electronic and you need it, we have probably already done it before, or something very similar.

Give us a call and don’t hesitate to get in contact.  Get in touch if you would like to learn more on our Contact us page.