We invite applications from anyone with a keen interest in the electronics industry, be it Design, Sales, Admin or Manufacturing.

We have a tough application process and we only employ the best.  However, those we do select are rewarded with good conditions, a friendly learning environment and great prospects. Building the best possible team here at Arrow Technical is a vital part of becoming the company that we strive to be, so our employment process has been perfected to allow us to make sure we only employ the right person for the job. Arrow Technical is a great place to work and we hope to find the right people for the jobs that we have to offer.

If you are interested in joining the team then please submit a CV and a letter of introduction which explains why you are interested in electronics as a career, what you hope to get out of it and why you think we should employ you.

Email submissions should be sent to jobs@arrowtechnical.com (PDF preferred).

You can also submit a written application to our main address if you wish.