New Technology emerges from Apple to reduce tech-induced distractions! 

As Product Development Consultancy its nice to see new technology has been announced from Apple Inc. with a new range of features aiding users to monitor their own Mobile device. This new feature will be featured as a part of the forthcoming IOS 12 Software. It will compromise of a weekly report that shows users in which areas they are most using their devices. This data will then help the user to identify in what ways their mobile device is most distracting them. As Product Development consultants Arrow Technical regularly monitor the inspiring ongoing developments at Apple to ensure the technology we develop is in tune to the leading market trends.

Apple have also enabled the feature to send out reports to any parents’ phone from their children’s and to set time constraints on application usage. With Mobile devices being such a big part of today’s society it has been recognised that usage can affect the mental health of users, particularly children. Here at Arrow we work within the Medical Product design industry amongst others so we know just how much of an impact this simple yet effective innovation could have.

More features include a new updated Do not Disturb feature, a new bedtime mode which will enable user to dim their screen and hide notifications until morning. As well as new group calling capabilities on Face time for up to 32 people.

It’s great to see Apple offering innovative products with the consumer’s mental health at the forecourt. With most of society being geared towards a features arms-race, offering technology which trumps other mobile device manufacturers, the actual long term health effects of extensively using their products for the consumer can often be overlooked. You can’t change what has happened, you can only control how you react in future.

We support these kind of considerations in advanced product developments.  It’s in tune with Arrow Technical’s inherent design philosophy that technology should work in harmony with the human race and make us better people and not be worse off for the experience.

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