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Arrow Technical meets ISO9001:2015 compliance

In July this year we completed our transition to ISO9001:2015 with a successful external audit, a process we started at the beginning of the year.  This endorses our key services of Electronic Product Development and Sub-Contract Electronic Assembly to the international standard.  Great work by all the team to achieve this and in particular to Paul, our Quality Manager, who did the lion’s share of the back office work to get us there..

Here at Arrow Technical we have always strived to meet internationally recognised standards.  For instance, all our staff are IPC trained for PCB design and assembly.  We have held Investors in People accreditation since 2002 and we first achieved ISO9001 in 2005, later adapting to ISO9001:2008 and now successfully transitioned to ISO9001:2015.

Over the coming year we are working towards the following standards:-

ISO14001 – Environmental Standard.  We have been reducing our carbon footprint year on year so we thought we may as well get recognised for it.

ISO27001 – IT Security Standard.  We hold so much special data here at Arrow technical and take great steps to ensure our security against cyber threats.  This will recognise our own defences against the international standard to confirm we are doing our utmost to keep our company and our clients data safe and secure.

We take our compliance with international standards very seriously.  Its a mark of the high standards we set for ourselves which sets us apart from most of our competitors and assures our clients that what we do and how we work is done the very highest professional standard possible and this shows in all the products we design and build here.


Boeing moves onto Advanced Manufacturing Park.


Boeing parts manufactured at Advanced Manufacturing Park

Boeing parts manufactured at AMP

Further to last week’s great news about McLaren, now Boeing have announced they will invest £20 million in a joint venture high-tech manufacturing facility together with Sheffield University here on The Advanced Manufacturing Park.  This is the first time Boeing have invested anywhere in Europe and its a great endorsement of The Advanced Manufacturing Park, The Northern Powerhouse concept and shows confidence in the future of Great Britain’s economy as a whole.  They will manufacture advanced flight controls such as aerilons using techniques developed at the AMRC also on the AMP nearby.


Arrow Technical have long been actively involved in advanced aerospace electronics designs from the very outset.  Our very first projects over 20 years ago were done for BAe Systems at Warton and we have done further projects for Rolls-Royce also.  Its great to welcome another global aerospace company onto the park which only enhances our reputation further.

Boeing's new factory on the Advanced Manufacturing Park

Boeing’s new factory on the AMP

Here at Arrow Technical, we are used to the rapidly advancing technology capabilities in aerospace and we exist to advise our clients, be they in aerospace, automotive medical, scientific, industrial or consumer electronics markets.

For more information on how we might help you, visit our website at



McLaren moves onto Advanced Manufacturing Park.

British sports car manufacturer, McLaren, is is the latest high-tech firm to move onto the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham.  They will be re-shoring their carbon fibre tub manufacturing facility from the European mainland to the UK in a bid to emphasise the “Britishness” of the marque.  Another great car name to put its faith in post Brexit Britain.

Arrow Technical is celebrating its 10th year at the AMP.  We recognised the potential of being based here long ago and have enjoyed seeing the site expand and grow all around us.  Only firms with high-technology manufacturing credentials are invited to come onto the park and its great for us to rub shoulders with our neighbours which include Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Sheffield University, Casting Technology International and the Welding Institute.  All world leading names representing the very best that the UK has to offer.

To now have McLaren recognise the advances being made here and to join us is great news and we look forward to seeing them on-site soon.

Advanced Manufacturing Park

McLaren Car Factory


Arrow Technical’s new neighbours – McLaren










Arrow Technical have been actively involved in advanced manufacturing & electronic product development for over 20 years and we have done numerous automotive projects along the way.  Automotive environments are always harsh and challenging for electronic systems but they offer so much improved control over conventional mechanical systems and this trend can only be seen to increase as time marches on.  Modern vehicles now boast electric drive, internet connectivity and (almost) autonomous drive capabilities which are starting to even challenge conventional legal practices which have yet to catch up with the pace of development.

Here at Arrow Technical, we are used to the rapidly advancing technology capabilities and we exist to advise our clients, be they in automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial or consumer electronics markets on how to use the latest devices to their best advantage.

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Outlander PHEV Update


Our Mitsubishi Plug-In Hybrid is performing very well as the replacement for our venerable old Nissan Nivara pickup truck.  The PHEV is more comfortable and refined, is permanent 4WD and we are getting an amazing 80+MPG doing exactly the same sorts of journey as we did in the Nivara which returned a steady 28-30mpg.  Used for simple, around town journeys we often go all day without using any petrol at all and the electricity bill does not seem to have jumped much.  Although it only has a 10 gallon tank we can easily get to London and back with fuel to spare and, so far, there have been no negatives to report.  Its quickly become a firm favourite with our staff who make up any excuse to use it once they have been trained.  We couldn’t be more pleased and will soon be doing our CO2 emission savings calculations to see what difference we have made as we strive to achieve ISO14001 Environmental standards compliance.



ISO9001:2008 External Audit Passed for another year

Last week we had our annual external audit. Paul is taking over as quality manager for the company so he had to steer us through. We had a new auditor this week who was very thorough but we got through with no non-compliance issues and the way is now paved for us to update our systems to meet the new ISO9001:2014 standard to which we will be audited for the first time next year. Keep updated with our blog stories and you will be able to see when the ISO9001:2014 audit is undertaken, and you will be able to see how we here at Arrow Technical got on.

All the team deserve a big round of applause for their hard work in keeping with this standard, we are proud of each and every staff member and we are confident that this will continue.


IT System Massively Upgraded

For the last 6 months we have been overhauling our IT systems after 5 years sterling service with the old system.