With the world of Healthcare forever growing it can often be hard to judge what the future holds within the industry. so it is eye opening when you can get an insight into what the future does behold. The rise and development of AI (Artificial intelligence) means that new technologies are being incorporated within machines. Artificial intelligence describes the intelligence demonstrated by the machines in comparison with natural intelligence displayed by humans and animals. This is determined with Artificial intelligence Research and measured by monitoring how a device perceives its environment and takes precise actions to maximise the chance of achieving goals. Artificial intelligence can also describe how a machine or device mimics the cognitive functions displayed within the human mind whilst undertaking tasks such as learning and problem solving.

A subscription health care service provider who enables users to engage in a virtual consultation with a Doctor or Health care professional have undergone recent studies. These suggest that the AI used on their mobile application is able to diagnose medical conditions just as accurately as a doctor would of. This service makes use of a chatbot which users interact with and then the bot uses a complex algorithm which interprets a patients symptoms to conclude with a medical diagnosis.

This innovation within the Medical Product Design industry could potentially save time and resources within our medical system, removing the element of waiting for patients and freeing up valuable man hours for Doctors surgeries. Also, injecting more opportunities for development and application of Artificial intelligence within the Medical Industry to entrepreneurs. Here at Arrow we have had our hands within Medical electronics Manufacturing and Medical Product Design. So, it will be interesting to see if we can become a component in the innovation process of Artificial intelligence and help other companies develop their own ideas and products compromising the use of this to help improve our Medical systems for the better.

With the arrival of increasingly powerful micro controllers at very affordable prices, at Arrow Technical we can embed Artificial intelligence techniques into increasingly capable products.  Combined with IoT technology, in applications where we cannot put the required intelligence locally on the board we can upload data wirelessly to a cloud based Artificial intelligence engine which then downloads the results back to the local processor (rather like how Siri works on Apple iPhones).  This just forms a small part of our advanced electronic product development service which not only serves medical markets but also applies to scientific, automotive, industrial and consumer electronic devices as well.  To learn more, please get in touch.

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