British sports car manufacturer, McLaren, is is the latest high-tech firm to move onto the Advanced Manufacturing Park in Rotherham.  They will be re-shoring their carbon fibre tub manufacturing facility from the European mainland to the UK in a bid to emphasise the “Britishness” of the marque.  Another great car name to put its faith in post Brexit Britain.

Arrow Technical is celebrating its 10th year at the AMP.  We recognised the potential of being based here long ago and have enjoyed seeing the site expand and grow all around us.  Only firms with high-technology manufacturing credentials are invited to come onto the park and its great for us to rub shoulders with our neighbours which include Boeing, Rolls-Royce, Sheffield University, Casting Technology International and the Welding Institute.  All world leading names representing the very best that the UK has to offer.

To now have McLaren recognise the advances being made here and to join us is great news and we look forward to seeing them on-site soon.

Advanced Manufacturing Park

McLaren Car Factory


Arrow Technical’s new neighbours – McLaren










Arrow Technical have been actively involved in advanced manufacturing & electronic product development for over 20 years and we have done numerous automotive projects along the way.  Automotive environments are always harsh and challenging for electronic systems but they offer so much improved control over conventional mechanical systems and this trend can only be seen to increase as time marches on.  Modern vehicles now boast electric drive, internet connectivity and (almost) autonomous drive capabilities which are starting to even challenge conventional legal practices which have yet to catch up with the pace of development.

Here at Arrow Technical, we are used to the rapidly advancing technology capabilities and we exist to advise our clients, be they in automotive, aerospace, medical, industrial or consumer electronics markets on how to use the latest devices to their best advantage.

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