Our Mitsubishi Plug-In Hybrid is performing very well as the replacement for our venerable old Nissan Nivara pickup truck.  The PHEV is more comfortable and refined, is permanent 4WD and we are getting an amazing 80+MPG doing exactly the same sorts of journey as we did in the Nivara which returned a steady 28-30mpg.  Used for simple, around town journeys we often go all day without using any petrol at all and the electricity bill does not seem to have jumped much.  Although it only has a 10 gallon tank we can easily get to London and back with fuel to spare and, so far, there have been no negatives to report.  Its quickly become a firm favourite with our staff who make up any excuse to use it once they have been trained.  We couldn’t be more pleased and will soon be doing our CO2 emission savings calculations to see what difference we have made as we strive to achieve ISO14001 Environmental standards compliance.