Smell and Stress electronic bio-sensors are being developed by Japanese technology giants such as Panasonic, Fujitsu and Murata alongside other, ever-smaller, bio-sensors which can detect parameters such as sweat, pulse, O2 levels, temperature and combine them to produce a measure of personal stress. Even cosmetics giant, Shiseido are getting in on the act with sensors which can detect the human response to perfumes.  It is hoped that these types of miniature bio-sensors can be incorporated into an arm chair, airline

seat or even a long-haul trucker’s seat to detect if behaviour levels are going outside normal parameters and suggest a break or corrective action which might be applied in good time before the effects become more obvious and possibly catastrophic.  The same technology is being considered for use with animals, young children and elderly patients where it is more difficult to detect how well they are feeling simply by asking.

As electronic bio-sensors technology becomes smaller it usually becomes more affordable and less power hungry.  Combined with the power available on an average smart phone the mobile possibilities are endless.  The applications are limited only by our imagination.

Here at Arrow Technical, we already have all the technology at our fingertips to turn such sensor technology into fully working commercial products and have been developing advanced medical products for many years.  We have contactless battery charging, wireless IoT communications, smart enclosure design, miniature circuit design, connection to the cloud, PC & Smartphone apps and all the sub-contract product manufacturing capabilities to produce such devices in volume and get them certified for use on humans when they get past the prototype testing stage.

So, the next time you have an idea for any new hi-tech product, be they medical or otherwise, then get in touch and see if we can help you realise it.